I need help with this Chelsea Investment

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What's up everybody. So, I have a predicament. I found a property in Chelsea with a very motivated seller. The seller originally wanted $2.4M, which was way overpriced. However, the listing agent has informed me that the seller is looking for any offer (even if it's a few million lower than his original expectation). There is so much upside and so little downside to say an offer in the $1.2-1.4M range. Getting between a 8-12% CoC and 20% ROI. I am a realtor in the area and have 7 units in Atlanta, so I know how to run these numbers. The problem is that my 21-year old self can't make an offer for $1.2M for obvious reasons (I don't have the money.) I am so confident in this deal. I wish I could put an offer in myself and at least get the conversation going. Not to mention, it's been on the market for over the year, and essentially have no competition.

WHAT SHOULD I DO?! Where can I find someone interested or more importantly, is there a way I could make an offer on it?? If anybody is interested, I'm happy to provide all the numbers, financials, and other crucial information. SEND HELP!!!

Hi Austin!

I am going to privately message you! I work with an investor that right now only does investments in Chelsea! I might be able to get you the help you are looking for! 

Check your inbox! 


Niara Ijezie