Non buildable lot - alternative uses MA

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30k sq ft lot in a residential MA neighborhood deemed non buildable due to lack of frontage on a main road. Any alternative uses that could be used for? Farming, solar farm? Interested if any ideas out there?

Storage facility? storage sheds/containers? RV park or RV parking? boat/car parking? 

@Tom Dever You may need to do market research on the area. Check with your local chamber of commerce. They may have a few ideas for you on what you can do with the lot. Research the area and its needs thoroughly before you decide to do anything with the lot. 

Should you want to pursue any ideas, check with zoning first to make sure you can proceed. 

Hope that helps! 

I'm not sure of their economics, but the people doing Paradise Lot in Holyoke are certainly maximizing their space. Their website says they operate on 1/10 of an acre. Their zoning board may be more amenable to that sort of thing given that there might be "food deserts" over there. If it's South Shore, Mass where your lot is, not sure how modern thinking / into permaculture they might be. Mini Storage may be where it's at for those towns? I watch videos of people doing farming on small spaces and it is fascinating but I do wonder about their PnL. On the other hand, chains like b.good show how their farms are mainly locally based in Mass so maybe there is will be a growing field pardon the pun.