Investor Friendly Attorney Recommendation

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Hello All,

I am currently under contract for a multifamily in Haverhill, MA and looking for an attorney who could review/ negotiate P&S and also do the closing. Any recommendations? It's a 2 family residential property.


@Alex Ghameshi - Congrats on getting a Multifamily Under Contract!

Douglas Mercurio. I've worked with a lot of attorneys over the years and Doug is the only one I recommend. He and his staff work hard and are dedicated to doing real estate transaction. He also owns an insurance agency and some investment properties. He understand multifamilies, since he owns a few, and he is the only legal council I trust. 

Douglas M. Mercurio, Esq.

Law Office of Douglas M. Mercurio, P.C.

280 Main Street

Suite 104

North Reading, MA 01864

Best of luck and feel free to tell him I sent you.