In person meetups in Massachusetts?

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Hi everyone I host a meetup in MA called Pints & Properties New England. We were hosting 4 in person meetups a month pre-COVID (Lowell, Londonderry, Woburn, Salem) and since March have been doing monthly virtual meetups. It works but it’s just not the same as the in-person ones. 

Real estate head declared essential in MA and we’ve been active the whole year. It’s been a good year for real estate and all of my agents understand and follow the appropriate protocols when interacting with clients. In fact we only had 1 agent test positive since March and none of our clients or other agents caught it from them. 

I’ve been hesitant to start up our in-person meetups again for a number of reasons, however I am starting to see others announce in-person meetups. I’m tempted to go to the other meetups since I miss the networking and building new connections. If I would attend other meetups then I should feel comfortable hosting them again right? 

My agents are pretty split on this. Some say let’s get them going others are a bit more hesitant. What are others thoughts? Is it too soon to start them up or should we just get them on the calendar and those that are comfortable attending will? 

No wrong answers here just looking for opinions.



Are there still limits to the amount of attendees to an event? I thought it was 10 for indoor and 25 for outdoor in MA.  If you get near that amount as your virtuals tend to exceed those numbers what's the plan?  Would you turn people away?  If you are going to do just the 10 people then it's almost like you would have to do a sign up or do an invitation only mastermind type network get together.  I would personally be ok attending something with lower numbers, but I am not ready for larger gatherings myself. 

I would gladly go to an in person meetup with the proper precautions taken.  As a real estate agent and someone who volunteers for the city I come in contact with many people using the proper precautions and have been tested negative 3 times.

HI Jon, 

Currently, I would likely shy away from in-person meetings. That is due to extenuating circumstance (wife is 8 months pregnant) so we have been playing it pretty safe. Once we are in the clear on that front I would consider in-person meetups if precautions are taken.