Looking to Connect with Wholesalers

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Hi guys,

My name is Francisco Feliz, and I'm looking to connect with wholesalers in the Greater Boston area (within 1-1.5h of Boston in any direction) who can help me jumpstart my real estate investing career in 2016. I'll be focusing on single-family flips. I'm looking for long-term partners who can grow with me, as I very much intend to do this for some time. I hope we can help the other grow as we share in what real estate has to offer.

If you're interested in partnering, please PM me and just send me a note on your experience/focus and how you think we could team up.

Thank you! -Francisco

Hi @Francisco Feliz I'm an investor-friendly real estate agent and the owner of Clear Sailing Realty, LLC. (ClearSailingRealty.com).

Right now, I have two good flips on the South Shore, and I spend a good part of my day looking for flips.

If you want to talk about either the two I have on the plate now or future opportunities in eastern Mass, please contact me!