HVAC Upgrade in Boston area

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Hello - I have an older 2 unit house in Medford that has steam radiators running off of separate oil heating systems. I am looking to potentially do the following for each unit:

  • Remove the steam radiators and switched to forced air
  • Add central AC
  • Switch to gas (gas line is coming to the house already for cooking)
  • Add hot water heater
  • Add a sub panel for electric (only needed on 1 unit)

I realize this is a big job but I am getting quotes that I think are very high. There is plenty of room in the basement and attic to make running ductwork possible. Each unit is about 1,100 sf and so far the quotes have included a 2 ton compressor and 60k BTU furnace. What should I expect to pay in total for a job like this and does anyone have a recommendation on who to call for this type of job in the Boston / Cambridge / Somerville / Medford area? Also - is it even worth doing this size job in an older house (currently living in 1 unit, renting out the other).

Thank you!

I am not sure about the prices where you live. But on my rentals when i replaced just AC unit a couple year back, i priced with a company almost an hour away. I had a bunch of disappointing quotes locally and the company an hour away was 20% cheaper. So maybe expanding the range to get quotes may help you understand a little better. Still using the same guy for everything HVAC now years later!