Lenders - Who do you Recommend?

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Hey All,

I'm looking to help my parents refinance their home in the North Shore (Swampscott MA).

We are working with a lender but they have not been working out well.

Does anyone have lender recommendations?

Any help would be much appreciated!


@Amil D.   I like Rockland Trust.  We've done a few re-fi and mortgages with them over the decades.

Also for a mortgage broker, Lisa Larkin at Shamrock Financial and Jeff Pilon at Radius Financial - PM me if you want contact info.  BP doesn't allow posting it in the forums.

DISCLOSURE - I have no relationship with any of these lender, nor do I receive any compensation of any kind from them.

Just my personal experience. We used MSA Mortgage located in Framingham MA. They were extremely professional and we are hoping to re-fi with them soon. 

To be clear however they are only a broker and our mortgage has since been transferred to Wells Fargo. No issue there, they have been servicing the mortgage successfully and have local branches around MA. 

Rick is the head guy at MSA and always took the time to explain as much as we needed, and all his staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. If there is a meeting where a junior staff member would not have the knowledge to run it alone Rick was also on the line. They have my recommendation.


Ive personally worked with @Philip Ganz on several deals and he's outperformed on each transaction. You can message me and I'll get you in contact. He's super responsive and knows the ins and outs of residential lending. 

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