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Hey All,

Hope everybody's doing well! I close on a duplex in Mansfield next week and ideally plan on having my next rental property under contract by summer. Still being relatively early on in my REI career, I've learned how easy having a great team around you can make things and am hoping to continue to grow that network in order to maximize the business I'm able to do. If any wholesalers, investors, realtors, lenders etc. would like to connect please feel free to reach out. While I've learned a lot since the beginning of my investing journey, I know there's always infinite amounts of knowledge and experience to learn from out there which is why I'm tapping into the BP community and reaching out. I'm looking to build strong working relationships with honest and highly motivated individuals in order to achieve any and all financial and personal goals we may have. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!


Hi Kevin congrats on the duplex it sounds like you have an exciting road ahead of you. I'm always happy to connect with motivated people interested in real estate. I also host a monthly meetup in Lowell, the next one is 12/12 and it's a great place to network with young investors doing what it is you're doing.

I own a real estate team and we focus on helping investors. I myself own a few multis myself and that is what I enjoy helping clients buy.

We can connect at the meetup if you can attend or we can grab coffee or lunch sometime if you’d prefer. Just let me know!

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