12 yr investor loooking to JV in Dakota county (minnesota)

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Im currently in Northern Minnesota, and am looking to invest in Dakota county as well.

Looking for that right person(s) to jv with as this would be a remote/ monthly trip for me.

Ive done over 100 deals , and had about every type of transaction, that i can think of, across my desk.

Im a Ron Legrand, original student and have been with jack miller, jimmy napier, and alot of the earily (pre GURUs) guys who have formed this "creative" real estate passion we all live and breath in.

Currently a Dan kennedy , GKIC marketing member, and part of a couple mastermind groups.

I am kinda obsessed with real estate, especially the marketing end, and mailing lists, now for quite some time and have seen in good time, and bad a cap up here with these properties at $25-$45K tops!

Hense my desire to go to the metro areana! As the family farm is in Dakota county, Id like to focus on Farmington, Rosemount, and surrounding areas, maybe northfield or Faribault.

send me a message  and lets see if something can be constructed!



I may be interested.  I live in the north metro, but investing in the metro is relative, not really that important where it is.  I am currently an insurance agent and have invested in real estate the past 3 years, mostly flips.  I really want to change my format of investing a little bit.  I am taking a little of a break from real estate investing while I get my agency going, but I do want to get back into it again.  It might be worth a conversation. 

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