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I actually put my initial proposal in the Minneapolis Real Estate Discussion area....meant to put it here.  Want to make it better known we are going to start a West Metro meetup to meet monthly, to help each other become better investors, handle our rentals and acquisitions, and encourage each other.  Looking to start meeting monthly, in Golden Valley.   

Let me know if you have interest.  Looking for a meeting place right now...will send updates to all interested.  

Count me in, David. Utepils brewery has a great space if you're thinking something more social/laid back.

I'd be interested

I'll join

Interested! Great idea.

great idea! Very interested.

Great idea, count me in!

Very interested!  Please keep me posted.

Count me in.

Update...thanks for the great feedback everyone.  Scoping out meeting places this week, sending out inquiries to some of my connections.  Thanks, Nick for the Utepils idea...will check that out as well.  

Count me in also. 

To all,

The first West Metro BP meetup is scheduled for Tuesday, February 27th At Davannis in Golden Valley, MN starting at 7:00 pm (in their party room).  I will also put this on Meetup, so look for that by sometime tonight.  We have capacity for 50, so make sure to RSVP on the meetup.  

We will have a get to know each other session for about 30 minutes.  After that, I'm working on bringing in a guest speaker to tell us about their real estate business.  We'll also have some time for networking.  Look forward to meeting each of you at the new West Metro BP Meetup.  

Great meetup on Tuesday. It was nice to meet everyone. Looking forward to many more! Thanks for putting these together @David Moore

I am interested.  Is there another meetup scheduled any time soon ?

I would be interested. 

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