Brainerd Lakes area?

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Anyone currently investing in the Brainerd Lakes area? Husband and I are looking to learn and network as we transition from military life to REI life.

We recently bought a Park RV in a small RV Park in the Brainerd area.  I love the area.  

so how is the Rv life running the business ?   We are through eng phase fixing to start dirt work 

I grew up in the Brainerd Lakes Area and could put you in touch with some real estate contacts I have up there. I've owned property there previously, but nothing at the moment. What are you looking to do - fix and flip, rentals, VRBO?

Hey Ryan, thanks for the reply. I think we would be most interested in fix and flip, so any contacts who would be knowledgeable on that front would be helpful! 

Loren, my wife and I are in the process of finding our first rental property in Brainerd at the moment.  We hope to acquire a few rentals before moving to the area in the next few years.  I'll let you know if we come across anything that may be of value to you. 

Ryan, do you have any recommendations for agents that are familiar with the rental market in the Brainerd area?

Hello i currently live and have several units in the Brained area. Feel free to reach out  with any questions, i work with a great property management company and have several great Realtors  i work with.  

Thanks for your response, Brad! We'll reach out soon.

I have been absent from the biggerpockets website for a while...but just logged back in and came across this post.  I currently live/ invest in the Brainerd lakes area and really enjoy it here.  I have 22 rentals and have also flipped homes as well.  I'm moving towards buying larger apartments and branching out more.  I have my realtors license and have construction trades background.  Feel free to reach out to me I'd be happy to help.

Hey my fiancee and I are both interested in investing in something in the Brainerd Lakes area. Ideally we would like to do our first house hack here. If any of you are free for a coffee or something it would be great to meet like-minded individuals!

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Very nice to find some MN forums.

Hey guys, 

I am looking to get a lender that is investor friendly in the area. I am considering some of the following: BlackRidge Bank, Brainerd Savings and Loans, Mid-Minnesota Federal Credit Union and US Bank. If you guys have any experiences or general advice I would love to hear it!

Darlene at blackridge bank would be my go to banker, they are investor friendly.

Hey everyone, im from the Brainerd Lakes area, Id like to ask my questions in this forum string in regards to Brainerd from my first post ever today!  You can see it here, any help would be appreciated. thanks

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