Looking for some attorney recommendations

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Hey all! I need some recommendations for the following types of attorneys:

- Divorce

- Bankruptcy

- Probate and Estate attorneys

These aren't for me personally, just looking to grow my network for investing!

Thank you!

Hi @Jake Stuttgen ,

I understand wanting to make a contact list for everything but as a professional services provider I hope you don't wast an hour of these people's time for a phone call just to add to your list....

Divorce, Bankruptcy, and Probate are all attorneys you can find when you need them and hopefully, you won't need these people multiple times....  If you don't need them or don't have any work for them it may be best to leave this as an open cell on your spreadsheet.


Hey @Jake Stuttgen

I am a real estate attorney and would love to help you. I am based in Central Minnesota but do make the journey to the North Metro quite a bit. If you would like to grab a coffee or something let me know! It would be nice to see if we can collaborate in the future.