Twin Cities banks or credit unions to build a relationship with?

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Hi, my name is James Faillettaz. It is almost time for my first business tax return. I have about 7 months of cashflow, and on December 15th I will have my 9th unit. So far, I have used a mixture of co-singers and investor loans or cashflow loan products to acquirer my first 4 MFR properties. These solutions were my best attempt at property acquisition, due to my lack of taxed income. Now that I am beginning to establish a cash-flowing portfolio with some longevity I am looking for new financial connections. My current financial needs include refinancing, Buy and Hold loan products, a revolver to be used for rehabbing properties/possible acquisition (sort of like hard money), and reliable business checking's and savings accounts. My primary goal is to find an investor friendly intuition that I can build a relationship with located in or around Twin Cities.

Would love to hear what the BP community has to say about this topic!

Thanks a bunch,


I've also heard sunrise. Flagship bank advertises on their site they do small MFR loaning.

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