Maple Grove Landlord Resources

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Greetings all,

Does anyone have any good resources for landlords in Maple Grove? I just bought my first rental in Maple Grove a few days ago and I've just received news of the heat not working. I know there are some heat requirements in Maple Grove, which I found out about Googling. I'm wondering if there are any resource to use for quick access like this.


Yaroslaw Bagriy

@Yaroslaw Bagriy are you not working with a PM? That is the quickest and easiest way to get experienced knowledge. No heat is a big deal for tenants, especially with temps where they have been. 

And going a step further, I have investors come in and ask us if we can advise how they should build a place for BNH, which I love because yes we are happy to help and I get them kit'd up with exactly what is looked for by inspectors, tenants, what goes wrong, where to focus and so on. 

For a person who doesn't know all this stuff, I follow the golden rule of "hire your weaknesses".