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Would like to make contact with someone in St Louis area that knows the market there as well as the different locations. 

Hey @Jayy Jayy.

My name is David Dodge and I am a RE Investor here in town.  I know the market well and have lived in the city for 30 years.  I know all the areas and know them well.   Let me know if there is anything that I can help you with.    I would be happy to speak with you if I can help.

David Dodge

Originally posted by NA Jayy:

Would like to make contact with someone in St Louis area that knows the market there as well as the different locations. 

 Jayy Jayy, we've worked in the area with developers for 25 years and know the area very well.  What kind of properties/deals are you interested in?

I was considering the St Louis area but have decided to concentrate more on the Kansas city market

Thank you.

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I have to disagree. The cost of entry in St Louis is far better and the St Louis rental market is much stronger than KC. However, I would say a larger portion of Kansas City is better suited for rehabs at a lower cost then STL.

@Alex Tillman I don't know the St Louis market but I do know Kansas City and the KC rental market is on fire. Good rentals are leasing up as soon as they go on the market. In fact, Forbes ranked Kansas City as having the 4th fastest rental appreciation in the nation. I would be surprised if St Louis is seeing the same.

I have been spending a lot of time researching the St Louis area and there do appear to several attractive areas including Florissant.  For those that are interested, take a look at the neighborhood data that I compiled for every zip code in the St Louis area.  St Louis Market Guide

The city schools are terrible here, so anyone who can afford to sends their kids to private Catholic schools in the city or out in the county. If you're targeting young professionals or med/law students, then schools don't really matter as much as bars & restaurants.

The Central West End is a nice area for young professionals with a lot of large commercial apartment buildings, many of which are rather high end. U-City and the Delmar Loop to the north/west of there have a lot of student rentals because of Wash-U. For all three areas, stay south of Delmar Blvd for the most part. These are all pretty established rental markets so the entry price point will be much higher than most other areas of the city.

Southeast of Barnes is The Grove (Forest Park Southeast) which is an up and coming area with a number of popular bars and restaurants as well as Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. Going further south is Shaw and then Tower Grove. This is "south city" and where you'll find more more small MFR, duplexes and quads, as opposed to high rise or loft apartments like in CWE. Both are fairly solid areas and becoming more trendy as they stabilize.

As you move east across Grand Ave it becomes much more block-to-block. Your dollar will go farther, but you'll need to be on the right streets to attract quality tenants. I've known a few med/nursing students who lived in Soulard and Lafayette Square as well, but I think it's tough to find stuff for sale down there as most buildings are historic townhouses.

Hope that helps! I just live here and am working on getting my first MFR deal, but there are a number of St. Louis agents who might chime in as well.

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