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Hey Guys, I would like to chime in and offer any insight to the area, as we are active here in Kansas City. Some great things happening here. Let me know your questions!

Welcome - lots of live meetings to connect live and face to face - check out the MAREI meeting next Tuesday Jan 8th - its on the BP Calendar of events.

Hi @Logan Freeman and @Don Nelson

Kansas City is an area I'm beginning to analyze for purchasing  some rentals in by the end of 2019. Are there any regions of the city where you've found particular success or any insight that you've gained from investing there which you can offer?

Thanks in advance!

@Phil Kessel  I've heard there's redevelopment plans through the Troost and Paseo corridor.  I have had good luck so far investing in Raytown, Independence, and South KC/Grandview.  You can use Neighborhood Scout to get a crime map of the areas.  Mostly, that's a good way to know where to avoid.

Hi, Jonathan:

I've been with Keller Williams (CA/MO) since 2012. I work mostly with investors. 

My two biggest clients have each picked up 5+ SFR for flipping and rental portfolios just last year, with my help. I just placed two under contract this past week and am getting ready to list 2-3 more as soon as rehab is completed. I work all areas mentioned above - basically I follow the money. 

Some of these rehabs, make good rentals too so its a win-win for my clients. I actually recently sold a property from one investor client to another.

KC is a hot market. Let me know if I can be of service and answer any of your questions. Would love to help.

@Don Nelson thanks for the info Don! I wIll look Into those areas. DId you have prIor knowledge of the area before you started InvestIng there? Or has It be a fully remote Investment experIence so far? Thanks agaIn. 👍🏼👍🏼

@Phil Kessel - I had only visited a few times. As we begin to look at deals, I would ask the agent or wholesaler all the reasons why they thought it was a good deal and about the area etc. after a while common themes started to emerge. Combining that with data analysis on line got us started.

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