Need property manager in Kansas City

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Hi All,

My group is looking for 4-8 unit multi-family properties in the Kansas City area. With that comes the need for a good property manager. If anyone on here is managing properties in the market, own and have a good recommendation, or are currently handymen/handywoman at a property and looking to take the next step, i'd be happy to connect.

PM me if you have any suggestions. We will be out in the market later this month. We plan to set up meetings and need to meet with a few local banks.



Hey, @Chris Collins , we have some teams here on the ground in KC and we'd be happy to assist you.  We may not be the group for you but we'll cut it to you straight about the market and what you could run into here.  Right now we manage close to 100 units in Jackson County, mostly in the KCMO urban core and over half of them are multifamily.  Give me a shout sometime and we can talk shop!  :)

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