Looking at the vacation rental market in Branson, MO

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Hi BPer's -

I am looking into vacation rentals in Branson and would like to network with others in the area? I would also love to hear any insights and advice on the area or recommendations for some great local professionals(realtor, property manager, cleaner, maintenance/handyman)?

I am a Real Estate agent here locally. If you plan on using a property manager they most likely have their own contact for cleaner and maintenance. Some resorts have their own rental program that you can join where others don't. 

Let me know if you have any specific questions I can answer for you. 

Originally posted by @Janelle Groenhout :

I will PM you with my contacts as well, my husband and I have a long term rental property in Branson. 

 Great hearing your journey in Branson, thanks for the write up and your help with getting some contracts.


@Rose Backlin

Hi Rose. My wife and I are likely to purchase a vacation property in Branson in the next few months that we'll also use as a STR.

Curious what you mean by: “Some resorts have their own rental program that you can join where others don't.” We’d love any insight you have on this and the market in general.

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