Missouri Loan Originator

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I'm wanting to give seller financing a shot in Missouri, and believe I need to use a loan originator to stay above board with Dodd Frank if I do more than 3 deals a year.  Loan originators are easy to find, but they're all tied to an institution, which doesn't help me.  I believe I'm looking for a loan originator who owns the institution they're tied to, can can originate a loan for me.  

Looking for contacts, feel free to chime in on Dodd Frank, Missouri, or any other advice you might have!

I'm sorry I can't really help you with the loan originator but I would be happy to help you find deals in the KC market! Feel free to message me anytime.

Google Dickie Baldwin - he is a note investor - he says he has a RLMO in Missouri and if you ever decide to sell your seller financed note, he will be waiting in the wings to buy it.

@Kim Tucker thanks. Have any guess on what he charges to originate a loan?

no idea - I have connected with him online in the note space and he posted in my facebook group that he had an originator.

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