Property Management in Butte, Montana

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Hi BP community!

I'm looking for referrals and/or advice on property management companies that operate in Butte, Montana.  My partner's and I are looking to purchase multi-family property there for long term rentals.  Thus far, I've called the PMs I found on google, and have yet to connect with any of them.

I'd love to hear your feedback, positive or negative! 

Hey Egan, 

I hate trying to find a good property management company. Unfortunately, I don't know of any in Butte specifically. I have found that if I call and they don't respond or call back, then I probably don't want them handling the management of my properties anyway because they don't seem to be very good at answering the phone. A friend of mine said he had heard Open Door Management was good to work with, but he has not used them personally. So, you know, grain of salt.

Two 20 Property Management manages half of my units and Nielsen Property Management has the other half. It won’t let me post their contact info but you can google them. Ask for Ben or Dakota with Two 20 and Terri or Cristin with Nielsen Property. Both are great managers.

Chris Davis (on BP) has a property management company in Butte that I would recommend.  He is an active investor with investment properties in Butte.

I would reach out to Ben Cannon at two 20 property management as well. I manage my own properties in Butte but i know Ben personally and he is solid. He loves the real estate game. By the way @Jack Nugent , I have a couple multi units in Butte that i am considering selling if you would like any details.