Greetings BP,

I have a month-to-month tenant in rural Montana that is getting nasty about me on Facebook after I properly served a no reason 30-day notice to not renew her month-to-month lease. (When she asked my reason via text I carefully just stated that I needed the property back.) I also included a notice regarding a family member of hers that had moved in that is not an authorized occupant, but she stated that the individual would vacate in a few days. It is my understanding that the CDC eviction moratorium does not apply in her case as if she doesn't vacate I will file for eviction due to hold-over tenancy, not non-payment. Also concerning the Governor's order, she via text message mentioned that she is working and therefore in my opinion cannot be "sheltering at home". I gave her a list of four local apartment complexes/villa complexes accepting applications, but she feels entitled to a "house", not an "apartment". 

I'm not excited to make enemies in my small town, but her behavior in this is not surprising <wink, wink>. I have read both moratoriums carefully and do not see how they apply to her situation.

Any advice on this?