Do you/ have you owned land with cabins, to make monthly cash?

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I am interested in putting 20% down on some land that has 2 small cabins on it. I was thinking I might be able to add another one of those "rent to own" shed/cabins they are selling out here. The land is 8.5 acres near a small town, that is near a popular ski area. I found out that another road is going to be built, to get to the ski area from the back way. So hopefully the land appraises do to the new road.

Have, or do you own cabins that you rent out to make monthly cashflow?

What creative things have you done to add value to land with cabins?

Would you rent cabins to tenants, or is there more money in Air-b-n-b type rentals?

Late to the party on this, but I'm in the process of having two log cabins built on my property to rent on ABnB/VRBO. In my area (south of Livingston) they will make 3x the long term rent $. It really depends what the short term rental regulations are in your area, because they are the biggest roadblock. 

Honestly, I'm kicking myself for not going with the rent to own cabins, like from Montana Shed Center. I went with hand built Amish cabins, which are beautiful but twice the cost of the prefab cabins.

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