Omaha MOPOA recommendations?

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I have heard good things about the MOPOA meetings in the Omaha area. I currently own some multi families, smaller apartments, and would like to converse with other multi family owners in the area. Does anyone attend the meetings or have any feedback?

I have kicked around going to it as well, but never have.  I think I had schedule conflicts for when they were holding the meetings.  When are they scheduled now?

@Collin Schwartz I have been a MOPOA member for several years and was recently elected to the board. There are no Monday night meetings in the summer. We meet Sept-May on Monday nights but the Sat 7 am breakfast meetings go on year round. The next one is next Sat. June 16th at the Farmhouse Cafe on 84th and Grover. You might want to consider going to the landlord education seminar next Wed. the 13th. I think MOPOA is a valuable group for education and networking and does important work with the city and state legislature to protect landlord rights.


@Dennis Tierney thanks for the feedback I have heard numerous great things about the Mopoa. Len Kliment recommended the meeting to me as well. I have also started a meetup in town that involves many people in the BP community. It would be great to have you attend and speak about the benefits of the Mopoa and its associated classes (or just enjoy the other speakers). Please look on the event tab for the next meeting.
I will look forward to attending either a breakfast or other associated meeting soon. Thanks Dennis.

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