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Hi all! I have a duplex in Rochester NH (25 min from Portsmouth).

I'm having a lot of trouble finding good contractors for some projects I need to accomplish - any other NH investors on here care to give referrals?

I have forced hot water for heat and the high efficiency boiler in my basement (fairly new) has been failing and needs to be fixed before the coming heating season.

I also have concrete pillars that I need to repair or replace in front of my house before the ground freezes ( a car took them out, and I'd like that protection again since my house seems to have a bullseye on it....need some kind of fencing/barrier system ASAP.

THanks in advance for suggestions!

Hi Nellie,

I just retired from 40 years in the Building Supply Business, and want to wish you luck on the contractors. I just left Middleton Building Supply this past July, and the business is just crazy right now. I've never seen anything like it. Anyway, you might want to stop by the Dover or Middleton store and see if they know of any Contractors. Maybe stop by the Masonry supply place in Somersworth across from the Chevy dealership. Maybe they know of contractors for your Concrete work.

The heating shouldn't be a problem, but they are all very very busy, and it might take some time for them to get there. The bigger ones aren't cheap, but I know Martel Plumbing and Heating have always been professional, and will get you in line. Maybe Stogens, in Rochester? I haven't dealt with them, but they are one of the better known ones.

Be patient and understanding, but persistent. These are very trying times for the Building Business. I'm considering an addition for the Duplex I live in, and the Contractors were customers of ours, but they told me they couldn't do it until Late Spring of 2021.

thank you so much for the recommendations! I will definitely follow up in those leads...I'm not enjoying the whole home advisor/Angie's list experience at all:-(

do you have just the duplex or other properties as well?

nice to connect with a local!

good luck with your addition!

Hi Nellie,

In the last few years I have sold a 5 family and a Duplex. I just own 2 Duplexes now. That gives me enough extra income in retirement with very few headaches. (beside finding and paying too much labor for Contractors)

ProHVAC for heating. They are out of Dover/Rollinsford. They are fabulous. Not allowed to post the number but if you google it you will find it.