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Hey BP,

Hope all are staying safe. I was hoping to see if there is any BP meets ups to meet the RE community. With COVID, I understand if it is not happening. Just bought my first fixer upper home in Nashua, NH after living in Boston for 15 years. Trying to learn as much as possible during these times to start investing new year in Southern NH area. Last year closed my business after 10 years due to COVID and decided to move into real estate investing. I am also retired from the military so looking to work with any other investors or mentors. Any advise would be greatly welcomed. Thanks.

Hi @Scot Finn nice to see more NH investors joining BP! I recommend turning on keyword alerts for New Hampshire, I've seen a few posts regarding meetups in the last month or so. If there's ever anything I can do for you, don't hesitate to reach out!

Hi @Scot Finn we were hosting 3 meetups in MA pre-covid (Lowell, woburn, Salem) and had an outdoor one going over the summer in Londonderry NH. As of now all in-person ones are on hold but we host a virtual meetup once a month. If you PM me you email and cell # I can add you to our invite list. 

Actually I am guest speaking at the Haverhill Real Estate Guild virtual meetup on Tuesday if that would be of interest to you as well. 

We hope to have in-person ones up and running again but unsure as to when we can do that. Our last Lowell MA meetup was in March and we had over 60 attendees.



@Scot Finn Hello there, i know one of the meetups I joined uses Zoom now for their meetings.  It was started here in NH but the original hostess has let go the reigns and the currently leadership is based in NJ. One of their leaders has done business here in NH, even as far up as my wife and I here in Northern NH. We get a pretty good turnout each meeting and you don't even have to leave your home.  Other than zoom there are several other programs you can use to do virtual meetups. 

Hi @Scot Finn

we have meeting in Derry this Monday you can find more in event section on BP hope to see you there and feel free to reach if i can help you with anything 



Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to thank you all for the support it is amazing. Hopefully next year if things start getting back to normal I will be able to meet everyone at the meet ups or grab coffee. 

Jonathan: Thank you. Understand about COVID. Once the meets up come back I will attend the Lowell, Woburn ones and if Londonderry comes back next summer too. I will PM you for the virtual meet up as well. 

Shane: Thank you. I would be interest in virtual as well. With how things are nowadays I figured virtual meetings are the way things are going so that sounds good thanks.

@Scot Finn The BP podcasts are great. When I first started listening, I would do a couple a day (early COVID). Now I'll listen to one or a half of one a day. The books are great too. I've bought the BRRRR, Rental Property Investing, & Estimating Rehab Costs books. I think they'd all be a great resource to you - they consolidate the information you get from the podcast and blog a little better. Good luck and stay positive!

Jesse - Thanks so much. I have been listening to those for a year and just started reading some of those books. Seems like a good consolidation of knowledge and materials to better understand learning the industry.

Jonathan - Thank you. I hope post COVID days with the vaccine coming out that I will be able to meet you and others on BP. Everyone has been very friendly and supportive. Great community.