Land for New Hampshire Tiny House On Wheels Short-Term Rentals

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I’m a new investor and am looking for land in New Hampshire to set up Short-Term Rentals using Tiny Houses On Wheels. The Tiny Houses on Wheels I’d be using would be classified as RVs and have RVIA certification.

Who in the NH BP community should I be connecting with? What towns are friendly to both?

Hey @Joseph McGranaghan and @William Dinsmore  I'm looking to experiment with this model on Airbnb starting with 2 to 5 units with each unit having at least 2 acres to itself. Ideally, it's in central/southern NH so the Boston market isn't too far away.

Once I've proven the first property can work, I'd work on something larger with several dozen units. Something like a campground could be interesting for the second larger project or if the land is cheap enough to make the initial experiment of 2 - 5 units profitable. It's possible I'd move off of Airbnb at this point with my own booking site.

For the first property, I'm ideally looking for wooded land I can start putting units on by late spring/early summer. I'm looking for access to electricity, internet, water, and sewer/septic. If a well and/or septic are needed to be installed, it's preferred that they at least already have town approved plans so that project can fit my timeline. It's also a nice to have if there is already a driveway of some kind or at least the well and/or septic plans are close to the main road so the cost of installing a driveway isn't too large.

~ Mat

Whitefield NH had a tiny house on wheels on AIrBnB a handful of months ago. It isn't listed anymore so I do not know why it was taken down. 

I like your idea as a unique vacation spot. There are plenty of these set ups around the country, try searching "glamping tiny homes". Glamping is very popular with Boston people heading north for a getaway.

When looking at the land, I would prioritize getting a great view first, then a close second would be close to attractions(food, skiing, lakes etc...)

I am working on getting some land and was planning a cabin in the future. But I also know of a tiny home that I may be able to get a deal on. Now you have me rethinking my plan. I don't think you'll have too much difficulty getting approval, especially if you're buying a decent size piece of land.