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Hello Everyone,

I am looking to break into the real estate industry. I have read a lot of books, listened to a ton of BiggerPockets podcasts and have spoken with industry professionals. Currently, I have a large cash position but am looking for minimal cash down deals. Ideally, I am looking for duplexes, triplexes or other multi-family properties. However, I try to find a partner for commercial deals if they come up. I have been connecting with real estate agents and looking at properties, but so far have not found a good deal (I had an offer on a property, but the seller walked away). Does anyone know of any properties for sale in the Southern NH area/North Shore MA area? Any advice?

Hi Jared,

This post is a little old, are you still searching for properties? I recently purchased my first duplex in Nashua, NH and can share my experience and research of the surrounding area if you're interested. 

The market is hot here right now, there are many properties for sale but you have to act very quickly. The first three properties I placed an offer on (not to mention the countless others I was interested in but went under contract before I could even submit an offer), I didn't get because I waited as little as one day to think over those deals. I learned this: you need to know what a good deal is and be prepared to jump on it IMMEDIATELY. Another thing: if you need financing with little money down, do not go FHA- go conventional with 5% down. FHA made more sense to me at first (as I planned on living in one unit and renting the others out) but changing to a conventional loan immediately made me a more attractive buyer. I've started networking with local private money lenders as well.

- Karen K.

Karen did the duplex you purchased cash flow? I seem to have trouble finding anything in sourhern NH that does.

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