REI meetings in New Jersey

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Hey guys, so even though i live in New York City(uptown Manhattan) i would like to attend REI meetings in New Jersey. Someone in Newark and maybe around it. The meetings i have found tend me to be pretty far from NYC which i wouldnt mind going, but most of them start at 630pm and i get out of work at 5. Do you guys no of any that are closer to the GW bridge?

Hi Ronny,

There are 2 REI events organized in New Jersey which I have been to.

One is in Jersey City and the other one is West Orange. 

I found them on the website last year. They are both organized by Kyle Jasey.

Send me a message with your email address and I'll forward you the invites to the next events. It is quickier than you looking up online the details of the events. 

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