looking for a attorney contract dispute

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Hello, I am looking looking for a attorney that deals with real estate contract dispute property is located in Elizabeth New Jersey.

The seller backed out of contact and his attorney has refused to return our earnest money. Attorney that I hired for the closing is not answering phone calls or email I would Like hire another attorney that can help in this situation.

My apologies if I cant reply right away. 

looking forward to your replies Thank you

Yes. attached below is a text massage received from real east agent .I was buy this property as a primary residents so we agreed to Cash for keys agreement with the tenants in which seller and agent wanted me to pay $13,000 up front to the tenants with no guarantee that tenants will move with in 60 days of closing .  legal agreement was made where We will pay them once they hand over the keys.

I refused to pay up front with no guarantee instead I agreed to put $13,000 in attorney trust account for the tenants. the seller disagreed and backed out issued notice for "Buyer’s material breach of the contract" keeping $15,000 in deposit as damages. 

agent text

 "The seller still willing to put 2K each tenant and the balance needs to come from you guys. In other words we need to pay the tenants in total of 21k. Seller will pay 8k and you guys need to front the balance of 13k now and the remainder 8K when we close..

Hopefully we can make a decision in the next few days otherwise we have to put the house back on the market I think we're done wasting time on both sides.

Let me know what you guys decide"