Investor Friendly Agents and Lenders in East Orange/Bloomfield

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Hello BP. Can anyone recommend good investor friendly agents and lenders that are familiar with the East Orange and Bloomfield markets? I am interested in acquiring a multi-family property (preferably 3 or 4 units) as an owner-occupier. 

Hey @Jamal Barnwell welcome to BP!

I am mainly in Hudson and Bergen Counties, but if you like I can send you mls listings so you can search for deals. Feel free to reach out to me, good luck!

@Jamal Barnwell id be happy to help. Honestly, in bloomfield it would be more difficult for a 3-4 family home depending on how willing you are to pay higher prices but east orange shouldn't be too difficult. Regardless, have you already been preapproved or do you need help in that as well? I know the areas very well as I am from belleville, have friends in bloomfield and east orange, and used to live on the border of east orange and bloomfield at the parkway lofts.

Hey Jamal,

I'm a mortgage broker willing to help. Send me a PM if your interested!


I focus on Essex and Union County but I can help with surrounding areas as well. You can find multifamilies , 3-4 units. There are a lot of great deals  out there.

I'm a Real Estate Agent and Investor in Union County NJ. I can help you find properties and I also have exclusive (off market) properties.

Don’t hesitate reach out to me directly and asking me questions.

Thank you kindly.

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