How should I approach seller's agent ?

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Currently, I am studying for Real Estate agent, and Mostly I will get my license by End of Nov.

In meantime, I am searching for a house and we liked a house very much. How should I approach seller's agent? I want to make sure that I get buyer's agent commission at the time of closing.

How would I put offer?

Hi Rupesh, you would need to submit your offer after you have been licensed. 

@Leila Nosrati but that will take another month, I afraid what happens if the seller gets another offer and accepts it.

@Rupesh Mehta - I believe there are two options - 1. Make offer now and use a separate buyer agent ( u wont get buyer agent commission) 2. Wait for license and then go for offer in which case you may get buyer commission. If u wont use buyer agent and talk to seller agent before you get ur license, seller agent will get the complete comission.

@Rupesh Mehta

You can’t get a commission without getting your license, hanging it with a broker, and becoming a member of the local MLS. Without being a local member the listing agent doesn’t have to agree to co-broke with you.

I would recommend asking the broker with whom you’re going to hang your license to help you with the offer. If you go to the listing agent before you get your license, he or she will getvthe full commission. 

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