Best place to meet other Investors in South jersey

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I am apart of a REIA group in the south jersey area but haven't really ran into to many investors, most of the people I meet are contractors, beginners or someone that is selling something. Does anyone have any suggestions where I can connect with more seasoned investors?

@Gary Burrell - SJREIA with @Tom Dagney is probably your best best for meeting with experienced investors. There are a lot of service providers there fore sure. But get connected with the officers and they can help steer you toward some of the more seasoned investors. The important thing is that the REIA is used to tire kickers who show up and then disappear. Show that you have some staying power and are able to contribute back to the group or organization or offer something to the seasoned folks and they'll be more likely to share with you. You can also get involved with DIG over in PA @Steve Babiak can fill you in more on them. For a group of folks just getting started you, you can check out the BiggerPockets meet ups that @Justin Eaton has been organizing. All very informal so far. The event have been posted in the Events area. 

Thank you James, I will definitely take your advice and start to network more with the officers

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