Commercial RE Attorney Needed : Hudson County

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I am re-financing my 6-unit I purchased about 1 year ago.  I would like a relatively easy and economical Commercial RE attorney who covers Hudson County.  

I am working with a regional bank in Hudson County as well.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Jessica Zolotorofe

I use Mariners Bank, and the commercial lender is Donna Thomas, very nice.  Because they are a regional small bank they are more flexible and economical with terms.  I have used them twice.  In regards to lending do you have a preferred vendor?

Say my name if you ever reach out to her!thanks!

I really like Sussex Bank. Which is actually called SB One now, I think.  They're small town mentality is great, but you get a lot of the features and rates of a larger institution. I'll have my clients check out Mariners, too. Thanks for the rec!