Registering apartments in Jersey City

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I own a three family in JC.  I've heard that in general it necessary to register apartments/leases with localities NJ.  I already have a green card (no longer an actual physical green card) registration with the state.  However when I try to figure out who to register my units with on the local level, I hit a brick wall.  I've tried a few different offices.  

I walked into the JC Division of Landlord / Tenant Relations, and asked.  They only care about building with five units or more, that might be subject to rent regulation.  They didn't care about my three unit.  I went into JC City Hall and asked at the front desk, they had no idea.  This comes into play when trying to do an eviction, so I called the housing court office in the Hudson County courthouse.  They had no idea.

So does anyone know who it is, or does JC/Hudson County not care about rentals in 1-4 family buildings.  I haven't had to do an eviction yet.  I don't want to put myself behind the eight ball if I do.

Any help appreciated.

@Dan Barli , I did a heavy renovation of the building, and was living in the buildings department for a while.  They inspected the building, and I got the C of O from them.  But no mention of other registration or registering leases.

@Paresh P. Thanks.  The link got a bit crunched, but I was able to find the document. 

To follow up, I called the city clerk's office, and asked them about this.  For more than two units, as long as I've done the registration/inspection with the state (what used to be the green card process), I'm good.  One or two unit rentals need to be registered with the city.

I think this puts this question to bed.  Thanks.