Intro: Looking forward to growing with the BP community!

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Hello to everyone in the BP community!

A lot of introductions are made regularly on these forums so I'll be brief. My wife and I are relatively new to the REI community though we have one buy & hold investment. This was purchased without much background knowledge but it cash flows nicely thanks to a large down payment. That was in 2012. But in the last year, we were lucky enough to discover which really opened our eyes to smarter investing, loftier goals, and endless possibilities. Since then we have read several books on investing, viewed many webinars, and even more podcasts and forum posts. We have also attended several SJREIA meetings though these discussions often pertained to the more advanced investors. We live in the Atlantic County, NJ area about which there seems to be a little less chatter on these forums.

We're putting this out there to connect with anyone in our area or abroad who may also be in the early phases of investing, and of course as well with those with some more experience who would be up for discussion and/or collaboration.  

Our immediate goals include buy & hold strategies. But also in our high-tax environment we are also very interested in BRRRR strategies as well as flips. Longer term goals are to greatly expand upon the above goals, as well as out-of-state investing. Thanks all for listening and we look forward to ongoing discussions, and hope we are all soon congratulating each other on succeeding at endeavors that others deemed too risky to attempt!