Applying for loan in June, should I seek an agent now?

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Hi everyone,

I'm a first time homebuyer, highly interested in starting my real estate investing in Newark, NJ. I want to purchase and house hack a two-family home in the area. I'm currently saving up my down payment to have over $15,000 by June, credit is great, but I want to know whether I should start searching for an agent now. Would they see it as a waste to speak to me this early in the process? If anyone in this market could give me some guidance, please share the wisdom!

Start with a good loan officer.  You’ll have closing costs that are likely much more than you anticipate.  Yes, too early for an agent to do anything, except refer you to a loan officer.

Hi @Joselito Tavares ,

I do not think its too early in the process. I'd start reaching out to agents now and be upfront with with your intentions. The runway you have will allow you to get a feel for the agents you like and give you a chance to qualify them. They'll add you to their mailing list for properties that match your criteria which will give you an opportunity to practice running deals. They'll also be a great source of referrals to help build out your team. Just be honest with them from the beginning and understand that you may not be their top priority at the moment since you are not 100% ready to purchase. Nothing wrong with starting to build the relationship now.