How much do you think a full reno of a 2800sqft home should cost?

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2800 sqft bi-level home


Refinish floors

Open kitchen wall to dining room/living room

Rip up carpeting 

Take down wall paper and refinish/paint all walls and ceilings

Add/Switch out 16 high hats

Update all GFI outlets, switches, dimmers, etc.

Fully demo and refinish 2 full bathrooms

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That's a really loaded question!!

For example, to open the wall, you'd have to determine if it's load bearing. Then, you would have to install a microlam, and probably get a structural engineer to determine what size and to sign off on the permit.

I simply fear when someone throws out a number without knowing the project. And who knows what is behind that wall you want to take down. Could be any kind of plumbing or electrical...all having to be rerouted.

Just too many factors involved to give a number off the fly. That's just my opinion.

I did most of that work in the rental I just BRR (waiting on refinancing) to complete the next 2 Rs.  If you are doing the work yourself, it will cost about $35,000 to $45,000.  

@Michael Elfant - this question can be answer a dozen was. The rehab depends on what happens once u begin the work of opening things like that wall it the ceiling for highways. A general number of 35 if u do yourself could be accurate . But if the home is incredibly old and contains cloth wiring or shabby building opening things could uncover more than u bargain for. Beat bet if to keep your number as close to what u pay if u hired a contractor yet control cost to have the additional if u run into a problem. That day what u don’t use is your and if u need u have it.

@Michael Elfant way too open-ended to give an estimate. For example, it sounds like you will be getting into a lot of electrical work so now you are talking about requiring updating anything that isn’t up to code, adding arc faults and grounds, maybe new service? Gotta figure $6-8k there. What about the bathrooms - any plumbing need to be moved? Tile or surrounds? If there is a shower vs tub are you putting in a fiberglass pan or tile? What kind of countertops in the kitchen? RTA or custom cabinets? Gas or electric range? Each one of these items will have an impact and should be considered. And really, it comes down to what kind of quality you want the rehab to be. I have found every remodel I have done to be a learning experience (and never under budget!) Best of luck.

I'd go with about $25/sf for a nice rehab, assuming that you're not rewiring.  That doesn't include any major components like roof, HVAC, etc.  It's a ballpark.

So I just did most of this work myself and it cost me around $55000. But it was also for my own home so I went with some nicer stuff. But if it was for a flip or rental you could easily be up at this price or maybe more if your paying someone else to do it for you. Good luck!

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