Rehab Spreadsheet Tips/GC Labor Bill

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Question for BP Land. We've got our first few projects going with a new GC who came highly recommended. He's been incredible thus far. The only thing difficult for me, is that he prices out labor in a bulk fee. Scope of work is included but I don't know pricing broken out like my typical GC does in line item form. Makes it difficult to fill out my sheet.

Does anyone use a GC who does this type of labor billing? How do you break it out for your spreadsheet/calculations? Also, who has a great spreadsheet for managing just the rehab portion (billing, materials cost etc). I've used Quickbooks in the past but wasn't a huge fan FWIW. Just looking to see if someone has a better spreadsheet. Thanks in advance!

I don't have advice for how your current GC does his. I designed spreadsheets strictly for plumbing & HVAC services. Eventually itll do construction tasks as well. It takes all of our overhead, worker expenses, insurances, trucks, advertising, shop expenses etc. Pretty much any bill that you can think of and makes hourly rates that you need to charge minimum to keep the doors open. It then adds profit margins to hourly rate. 

I then have a list of a couple of hundred different common jobs we do with material and markup on material and job hour averages. It then automatically multiples hourly rate and adds materials. Then I have three categories standard rate, gold rate and overnight. I then convert the spreadsheet into a book and print it for workers. Makes running service jobs much more profitable.