New Investor in Albuquerque from Phioenix

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Hi BP Community,

I have moved back to Albuquerque area. Recently moved from Phoenix AZ. . I am looking to make some connections and offer a helping hand to any professionals looking for someone to tackle low hanging fruit with the intention of sharing some wisdom. .

Contact me or guide me to any local events. Thanks for the support.



Hi @Ulises Astorga !  Welcome back to the 'Burq!  There are a lot of groups that you can get involved with in terms of investing; @David Torres runs a group on Wednesday nights that you'll want to attend as he does a great job.  There is also a group called ACRE that meets on Thursday nights that you can find more information on  There are other groups too and I hope those organizers chime in on this thread and invite you (I'm not familiar with them since I do not attend those meetings).

My suggestion is to get out and meet some people and see about mentoring with someone who has been doing it for a while in this market.  The people who you meet at these meetings are solid and will be able to really give you the basis of what you need to be a successful investor.  Hope to meet you someday soon!

~  Ben

Thanks! @Ben Curry I look forward to meeting you one of these days! @David Torres Thanks for your help, do you guys only hold meetups on the first Wednesday of the month? 

Acres meet up is on Thursday. Abqreia meets on the third Wednesday of the month

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