Kingston NY-What do you think?

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looking for opinions on the Kingston NY rental market. I’ve spoken to a few people but wanted to see what everyone else thought. Originally I was intrigued by the PA-Allentown market but Kingston has a nice feel to it and wanted to see what the consensus was.

Also if you have any good connections/ people you can share that would be great. 

1) realtor 

2) property manager

3) contractors 

Thanks so much! 

I actually live and work in the area, as a realtor. The rental market is at its best right now, and Kingston has tremendous growth opportunity. Please email me if you are still interested in the area.

I like Kingston. Great little City. Def think it has a future.
I spent a good amount of time looking at the market. Then didn’t buy there.

Everything I looked at was inflated. A lot of speculation going on there. I felt like every deal I bid on was being bid up to risky levels.

@John Hickey do you have a recommendation in the Hudson Valley area? I was in Red Hook but, I'm not thrilled about that area.

@Rigo V. I invest in the surrounding areas and really like Kingston, it's a great City, I'm there all the time but I have to agree with @John Hickey the Kingston market is very inflated, especially uptown.  

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