Renting out work stations

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Hi, has anyone had any experience with renting out extra desks from their office?

I have been looking for an office for myself and have seen many that are slightly too big for just me. I could probably fit about 6-10 desks in a particular location I am interested in.

I have not reached out to the owner to find out if this is ok to do, I simply do not need the space but wouldn't mind renting out extra desks to others which would also happen to be in the same field as me.

Am I even allowed to do this? Does it depend? Do I even need permission from the owner?


The answer is maybe - It depends on what the landlord puts in the lease and how they enforce it. The lease could say that you can only conduct the business you tell them about (e.g. lawyer, accountant, consultant, sales, etc.). 

By renting out space you are not using, you are running side business of a subleasing space / virtual office which they may not be to happy about. Would you be OK if they declared you in breach of the lease and kicked you out. 

IF you move forward with this, you are in effect becoming a landlord and have to deal with tenant issues (e.g. showings, collections, evictions, advertising, etc.). Will that not distract you from your real business / work?

Also to consider - what if you can not find people to take / pay for the other desks / space. Are you OK paying for everything long term? Once you sign the lease, there is an expectation that all the rent will be paid each month regardless of if you find other people.

Good luck.

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