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Hi all,

My in-laws are selling their 4plex in Buffalo and moving south. I live in Columbus, oh and have an opportunity to buy it from them, but will need a property manager in the Buffalo area.  Does anyone have any good recommendations? 


I own a large portfolio of two family homes in Buffalo and had C&M manage the properties for over a year. If you want to protect your investment and properly cash flow the building then run the other way from C&M. After more than a year and countless check ins and instruction on how to properly run the buildings they nearly destroyed all we have built. There’s not one portion of their business I can speak positively about. Mike and Charles the owners are not involved in the business in any respect beyond signing new clients and have turnover with each position in the office once every six months. One of the owners doesn’t live in the state and the other has another full time job, how do they expect a company to function with no leadership or accountability. They don’t allow their clients to call them or the office on the phone, you’re only allowed to email the management company, not very comforting during emergencies nor efficient during day to day operations. If you try to stop by on a Thursday at 11am, the office is closed. They don’t get back with your tenants, ever, this caused a significant amount of discomfort for ownership and caused a horrible experience for residents. Every tenant they placed, (keep in mind we gave them a 100% occupied portfolio that they ran all tenants out of the buildings) has broken their lease or we’ve had to evict. They were able to pull broker fees off each of these unqualified tenants. There were accounting issues at every turn. On multiple occasions we found the work they claimed they did was never completed. They could never get competitive bids from competent contractors forcing ownership to bring in their own contractors. The list goes on and on and on.... 

Do yourself a favor and don’t use them as your management firm. C&M, do yourselves a favor and shut the doors.

If you want recommendations for our new PM who has been incredible feel free to message me directly. 



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