Portfolio Building in Charlotte

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I want to start building my portfolio and looking for creative ways to find some of the potential multi family, 2-plex, 4-plex, Single Family home deals in NC (Charlotte, Gastonia, Belmont etc.,). What markets have you had success in? Any insights and recommendations from the experts?

My goal for 2021 is to grow my knowledge, network and portfolio in real estate investments. Currently investing in SFH but want to venture into multifamily properties, acquire and manage 2-plex, 4-plex property and multifamily apartments. For 2021, looking to make few acquisitions in multifamily and grow rental portfolio, that would give solid cash-flows and yield appreciation on 5-10 years hold :)

Ram, I would connect with @Kevin Stringari and his team.  I think they have a lot of resources and talent that you are looking for.  You could also join the Charlotte Apartment Association to help network and meet other people in the multifamily space.  I hope that helps!  

@Ram RRS

Hi Ram,

I buy and hold in Charlotte/ Gastonia.

6 month into the process I am on my 4th SF deal.

Let me know if you are interested:

1342 Essex street in Gastonia - 5 unit $700 each at $365K

@Jason E. Smith, thanks for the lead. I will get in touch with Kevin and will discuss how his team can help with my goals. I will also join the association to take advantage of networking opportunity and meet other like minded people. Appreciate your help!