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This forum is for real estate investors and professionals who are interested in networking and talking about North Carolina real estate.

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Interested in Greensboro
Jason Chan Last post by Jason Chan, about 2 months ago
Jason Chan Jason Chan 8 about 2 months Jump to last post
Investing in Lexington , NC
William Goodlett Last post by William Goodlett, 2 months ago
William Goodlett William Goodlett 0 2 months Jump to last post
need investor friendly Realtor in Charlotte NC metro area.
Jared Thomas Last post by Jared Thomas, 2 months ago
Jared Thomas Jared Thomas 12 2 months Jump to last post
How do I get motivated sellar lists in North Carolina?
Mahmoud Y. Elhalawany Last post by Mahmoud Y. Elhalawany, 2 months ago
Mahmoud Y. Elhalawany Mahmoud Y. Elhalawany 9 2 months Jump to last post
Durham Engineer/GC Recommendations
Julia Rockwell Last post by Julia Rockwell, 3 months ago
Kyle Bostelman Kyle Bostelman 2 2 months Jump to last post
Commercial Brokers in Charlotte, Raleigh, Surrounding Areas
Jonathan Levi Last post by Jonathan Levi, 3 months ago
Jonathan Levi Jonathan Levi 0 3 months Jump to last post
A "Hall Analysis" of Gastonia as a Market for Buy&Hold Rentals
Kevin Stringari Last post by Kevin Stringari, 3 months ago
Kevin Stringari Kevin Stringari 19 3 months Jump to last post
Is Wendell a good area to invest in?
Noureen  A S. Last post by Noureen A S., 3 months ago
Noureen  A S. Noureen A S. 2 3 months Jump to last post
When can I send a 10-day notice to quit in North Carolina?
Marc Winter Last post by Marc Winter, 3 months ago
Marc Winter Marc Winter 16 3 months Jump to last post
Commissioner's sale and deed
Pier C. Last post by Pier C., 3 months ago
Pier C. Pier C. 2 3 months Jump to last post
Attorney - wholesale
Chris T. Last post by Chris T., 3 months ago
Chris T. Chris T. 8 3 months Jump to last post
Looking for Non-conforming lender in North Carolina
Fred Shatzoff Last post by Fred Shatzoff, 3 months ago
Fred Shatzoff Fred Shatzoff 1 3 months Jump to last post
New RE Investor interested in greater Charlotte
Laura Yates Last post by Laura Yates, 3 months ago
Laura Yates Laura Yates 16 3 months Jump to last post
CHARLOTTE, NC Home Inspection
Dutch Langley Last post by Dutch Langley, 4 months ago
Dutch Langley Dutch Langley 3 4 months Jump to last post
Raleigh NC Deal Makers?
Ricky R. Last post by Ricky R., 4 months ago
Ricky R. Ricky R. 4 4 months Jump to last post
Conventional Lenders with Rehab Packages?
Kai Kopsch Last post by Kai Kopsch, 4 months ago
Kai Kopsch Kai Kopsch 3 4 months Jump to last post
Estimating Insurance Costs and Providing Value
Daniel Sellers Last post by Daniel Sellers, 4 months ago
Daniel Sellers Daniel Sellers 1 4 months Jump to last post
30yr Fixed under 60k?
Mariah Bardwell Last post by Mariah Bardwell, 4 months ago
Mariah Bardwell Mariah Bardwell 2 4 months Jump to last post
Flat Fee MLS Broker for North Carolina?
Virs Esar Last post by Virs Esar, 4 months ago
Virs Esar Virs Esar 4 4 months Jump to last post
Does anyone know of investors doing business in Fayetteville NC?
Elizabeth Tumbelekis Last post by Elizabeth Tumbelekis, 4 months ago
Elizabeth Tumbelekis Elizabeth Tumbelekis 31 4 months Jump to last post
Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas
Nancy Baldridge Last post by Nancy Baldridge, 5 months ago
Nancy Baldridge Nancy Baldridge 17 5 months Jump to last post
Working with county to adjust Bedroom and Square Footage info
Narayanan Bakthisaran Last post by Narayanan Bakthisaran, 5 months ago
Narayanan Bakthisaran Narayanan Bakthisaran 3 5 months Jump to last post
Greensboro/Triad Meet Up
Frank Gucciardo Last post by Frank Gucciardo, 5 months ago
Frank Gucciardo Frank Gucciardo 8 5 months Jump to last post
Real Estate Sole Proprietor
Brady Wiggins Last post by Brady Wiggins, 5 months ago
Brady Wiggins Brady Wiggins 2 5 months Jump to last post
The market for multifamilies in Charlotte NC
Jason Kosowan Last post by Jason Kosowan, 5 months ago
Jason Kosowan Jason Kosowan 0 5 months Jump to last post

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