Investor Friendly Attorneys/Title Companies in Raleigh/Durham Area?

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Hi Guys,

Just got a house under contract and was hoping someone in the RDU market could point me towards a Wholesaler/Investor friendly closing attorney/title company?

Thanks in advance!!


I would love to know that as well.

Jeff, are you a wholesaler?

I am looking for properties to flip in Raleigh and surrounding area (not Durham for now), so if you have any prospective properties in Raleigh, please let me know.


I'm sure you've already taken care of your title and closing attorney needs but wanted to toss another name out there for you in the future. Jeremiah Jackson at Jackson Law is great! I've known him for years and is not only efficient and easy to work with but very affordable as well. If you need additional information please feel free to reach out.


Jayson Love