Moving to Southern Pines, NC

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Good Morning!

I'm looking to purchase a SFH in Southern Pines, NC. I need to find an agent/broker who specializes primarily in investment properties. Looking to purchase in cash. Do not necessarily need "a home run" Prefer to purchase at discount and rehab.

Looking for 2+ bedrooms 1300+ square feet. 

Matt did you ever find an agent? I am licensed and invest in the area and would love to show you around the area. 

Hi @Matt Buckles  - curious as well if you ever found what you were looking for and moved afterall?  

@Matt Buckles @Brandon Purdeu I am also looking to learn more and potentially invest in the Sand Hills area. My brother is military and recently bought a SFH in Southern Pines, and I'm impressed by the potential based on my recent visits. I'll ping you both directly. I would like to find small MFUs to start (duplex to quadplex) that require a little work to be rent ready, but no major reno.

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