Greensboro/Triad Meet Up

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I'm in Greensboro and doesn't look like there is a local meet up of BP folks. Anyone interested in getting together and discussing REI? Reply with your interest and I'll be happy to organize!

I am not aware of an existing GSO meet up but I would be interested in attending.  Keep me posted!

Hi Guys - I live in Greensboro as well. I will love to be involved in a meet up if people are willing to get together.... and if we can't get a big group we can always do a small Saturday morning coffee meet up.

Awesome, thanks Fisayo!

I'm interested. I'm about to move to Wilmington but I plan to continue investing in Greensboro. Let me know and I'll join the meet up. Thanks. 


I would like to attend if there is any local meetup.

 Was a meet up ever created? I am also interested in the Greensboro/Burlington area.

Same here, I'm out of state but doing my research into the area.  I would definitely drive down from NY to attend a meeting and do some scouting.

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