Is Wendell a good area to invest in?

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Would anyone suggest investing in a single family home in Wendell?

Google maps is showing that (the area I'm looking at) is only 25 min from downtown Raleigh.

Redfin "market insights" show that the Wendell home prices per square foot have risen 12% since last year (not sure if this is trustworthy data)...

I can't find year-over-year info about unemployment.

In other news, Wendell Falls is still developing (commercial and residential properties) and a charter school is said to be coming to Wendell Falls...


Thanks in advance!

@Noureen A S. we moved to Wendell in 2012.  Wendell Falls is right in our backyard (we aren't in it though, when we got here it was still defunct and had the roads paved but nothing going on).  Wendell has exploded in the past 2 years or so since that neighborhood went in.  Our home value has increased by about 50% per Zillow and Redfin estimates.  

As far as unemployment...I think you can basically consider it Raleigh, so it's low.  Downtown is about 20-25 minutes from here.  Most people work in Raleigh, and on out towards RTP.  

Wendell and Knightdale are pretty closely linked...Knightdale being more of a bedroom community I think.  Wendell proper is a bit further out but has a much more lively downtown area.   For me, both ticked all of the boxes for investing but price.  Just a little too hot for me right now.

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