Conventional Lenders with Rehab Packages?

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Hey folks!

I was curious if anyone can recommend any conventional lenders that have investment property loans that allow me to get lending for the rehab as well? For flipping a property, not buy and hold. Still fine with 30 yr. note though... for minimal holding costs.  

Was looking to see who anyone of you has used in NC or maybe bordering states as well that lend in NC?

Thanks so much!

Thanks @Robert Ombres

Curious as well, if I can get the purchase covered from a private lender but still need money for rehab. Is there a good resource for just those funds? Or is that also usually hard money lenders?

Acopia is a local, family-owned lender here in Charlotte.  my current and past clients love their work ethic and the fact that they shop around for you helping Investors. Send me a PM for a personal interduction

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