Seeking RE Agent in Lake County, Ohio

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Hello, I'm seeking a real estate agent in Lake County, Ohio who is used to working with investors. If you have any recommendations I would appreciate it! 


I saw your post on here, and I have a RE agent to refer to you.

Mike Coleman from Howard Hanna, works with investors, and mostly operates in Lake county. 

Best of luck,


@Aaron Westerburg hey Aaron, thanks for the tip! It's a small weld, I went to grade school with Mile and am fb friends but never realized he was in real estate! I'll definitely contact him. 

That's so funny!!!

I've been doing inspections for Mike for about a year, and I met him through another investor that I know from our local REIA.



@Aaron Westerburg Hi Aaron! I'm going to be in town this summer and would love to check out a reia while I'm in town. Can you recommend any?


that would be great!!! I'm a member of the Great Lakes REIA, which is an excellent group that has monthly meetings in Cleveland, Akron and Youngstown. I'm also involved with another small group called Smart Start Investing too.

Let me know what dates you will be in town, and I'll get you the meeting info. 



(330) 310-6559 

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